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August 4, 2010
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righteous indignation by VanHeist righteous indignation by VanHeist
so, uh...people seemed interested after the first, so here's the rest of the mockup for this lil' story.

(part 1: )

when i first drew/wrote this it seemed like more of an exercise, because when characters actually speak their feelings it seems a little cheap. But after reading it through a couple of times I guess it still feels like it's in a comfortable enough context. Gogo's a little more articulate than usual, but still vague as hell and all over the place, and having Andy speaking his mind (when pushed into it) doesn't seem really out of character.

There does come a point in some relationships where you have to square someone's past with how you feel about them. Here the bullet's been dodged at least temporarily, but it's an unsettled conflict, i think, as is often the case.

sorry if you were expecting the context in which said virginity was lost, but that's another story. :P

thanks for the positive feedback on these roughs. It feels like cheating to post these, but it's been good so far. ^^;
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hmm even with out all the lovely detail, this comic arc is one of my favorites purely because of content.
Wow...things got real

Seriously, love the writing here. With all the humor in your comics, its nice to see you can write seriously, and write REALLY well at that. No one walks away the villain here, and both characters get some development. Awesome job!
wow, i rely enjoyed this even without the colors and has a very tangible sentiment...good stuff
I just love these two together!
Lovely character interaction. And you're right it doesn't seem weird for him to speak his mind when push into it. There are reasons or why he get's upset and there are reasons for why she gets upset. All in all I think you did a wonderful job showing their relationship.
woggie1 Jul 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
You say the bullet has been dodged, but ...what is the bullet? Sex? Or the two of them breaking up with each other?

When I first saw a picture of the two of them together, I thought he was her child. Now it's more like he's her surrogate kid brother with a hint of something like real attraction.

I like this development. There's only so long you can be funny or outrageous before your characters start to look kinda flat, so this sort of exchange really makes them into 3D people, with feelings and fears and uncertainties, but also strengths. Gogo became a real person with feelings in this, and Andy became temporarily assertive.

Keep going. This is good stuff.
Darkelementangel Jul 2, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
it's a cute and good comic strip but how old is Andrew?
In my opinion the age-difference does make it seem more adorable but also if you think about it too much it can seem wrong and weird at some points.
I've figured him for around 15. The age difference between these characters is indeed something of a taboo, which can make for fascinating story elements but it's also a little dangerous. But complications like that are what make it challenging to write and hopefully more interesting to read.
Darkelementangel Jul 4, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
I really hope you continue the series because it is interesting and funny
Those two have such an awesome dynamic, I don't even care what happens as long as they keep interacting :D
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