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July 24, 2011
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me of three by VanHeist me of three by VanHeist
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damn, i hope you like text...

been chipping away at this one for a bit, basically it amounts to a little bit of internal character study for Andy. Which i guess is why it's a bit windy and overblown. But i did like drawing 3 versions of him.

the idea is that Andy's been spending his summer allowing himself to be pummeled into shape by Gogo, who's had him out in the miserable heat to the point of exhaustion. The joke, of course, is that while he's off in his own little world debating the particulars of his relationship, Gogo is frantically carrying him from the battlefield to get him back on his feet. See, she's not all that wicked, right? ;)

so...i realize all this amounts to a HUGE festival of navel-gazing and convoluted notions, but this has been a snowplow for removing a case of artist's block and so i'm going to get back to work on stuff i'm paid to do :XD: enjoy!

EDIT: Much as i'd love to take credit for the phrase on Gogo's shirt, it's been floating around long before i got to it. Pretty sure you can find a similar shirt if you look hard enough :)
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in this entire series there seem to be some weird spark of brilliance about it all.

John Landis used to tease John Belushi with that phrase, actually.

Fragment A knows Andy needs to examine and sort his motivations, but B is right: a little pain won't kill him.
Omen11 Jun 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
the jjourney continues
I like how you split Andy's Ego and Id in dealing with Gogo, as well as his relationship with Gogo, sort of a take on the Iron Giant.
I love your art, humor and story. Keep it up!!
Carameja May 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
LMFAO! :XD: Oh dear lord.. XD
love the last panel! :rofl:
Inside all of us are a number of voices all clambering to be heard, the right answer is none of them are right or mean anything until acted upon.
eablevins Nov 14, 2012  Professional Writer
Love it!
Nice job with the symbolism with both sides of Andy's consciousness. The shadow is always below the light.
Slartybardfast Jun 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
[i]Swift[/i], like Tree through Forest.
[i]Sharp[/i], like Pebble in River.
Am I the to understand that the upsidedown Andy is his superego while GoGo Andy is his id?

By the way great dialogue. Worthy of Moore, Miller or Claremont.
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