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Pain is weakness leaving the body!
Fri Oct 17, 2014, 1:49 PM
Gogo Needs to Hug Me!!
Mon Oct 13, 2014, 7:40 PM
others were not able to stand it's own madness and pollution makes consumer in a economy fashion it hide behavior in a safety understand what was not able to be imposed everyday business lies for money.
Mon Oct 6, 2014, 11:59 AM
really love your work, happy birthday by the way!
Thu Oct 2, 2014, 11:31 PM
XD ahahha ohmmmmyyyy your webcam X'D hahahah:rofl:
Tue Sep 30, 2014, 10:41 AM
Tue Sep 30, 2014, 6:55 AM
so many hams. soooooooo many hams.
Tue Sep 30, 2014, 6:22 AM
Tue Sep 30, 2014, 4:08 AM
you are amazing artist !!
Mon Sep 29, 2014, 8:01 PM
Happy birthday! :party:
Mon Sep 29, 2014, 7:36 PM


Hallowed Hams by VanHeist

It's that time of year again, so here are a couple Halloween re-postings courtesy of :iconbard71: and the Bomango gang to get you into the spirit of things. There's a boatload of new content ahead, but unfortunately that list didn't include fresh Halloween stuff this year (to my sincere lasting regret -.-). Just the same, please enjoy these classic clips, which will remind you to...

1) Pick a costume that grabs folks' attention:

2) Never underestimate the power of ghostly Hams:

3) And finally, don't mess with the stash:

Happy Hallerween by VanHeist
here i come by VanHeist

be safe out there :salute:
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  • Reading: Your eyes.
  • Watching: YOU.
  • Playing: With my tie.
  • Eating: My words.
  • Drinking: You in.
"Why buy the cow when you can log in to a dairy-affiliated website and browse milk for free? I mean, seriously, livestock prices being what they are, not to mention food costs, waste management, and the prospect of buying into the imminently unsustainable ethos of raising large animals for foodstuffs in a world increasingly strained for resources, in addition to the questionable ethics know what? It's all going the way of insects. Much more long-term in the livestock business. They mature and reproduce rapidly, you get all your proteins, you've only to get past the roadblock of choking down a fistful of crickets with a side of toast each morning. Cows won't do it, put your money on bugs, mate."
                    -Old Chinese Proverb

So, when last we met, a few things have happened in this gallery. Well, not many things, but it feels like a lot, so bear with me here.

My last journal entry breached the topic of an optional pay/donation system a la Patreon. And there was a surprising amount of support for that, and a lot of advice. And if i've seemed relatively quiet since then, it's because i basically took one look at the reaction to the idea, and boldly hid under a pile of coats as one does, because it was such a positive response that i felt reasonably certain four horsemen would come screaming down from the sky, trample down my door, and bellow "Where's the beer?!" before raiding my fridge and settling in for a few minutes before they realized i don't have cable.

But i'm getting off track.

YAY, is what i'm trying to say. Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, i'm extremely grateful, encouraged, and all sorts of emotions i'm not accustomed to over this. And also cautious. Because this is a golden opportunity, and seizing it blindly would be momentarily gratifying, and rather unsustainable without a game plan. But the expressed support has galvanized the formation of such a plan. It's still nebulous and in flux, but the purpose of this journal is to express that plan to a degree.


Thus far, "Bomango" (i.e. Gogo, Didi, Andy, and that little blue fuzzy creature people keep asking about that shouts "HAMS!" all the time named Pablo) has been a work in progress, which is a kind way of saying i've dicked around with the same stable of characters for years here on deviantART, and by coincidence a certain amount of people have also been amused. From the get-go, it was meant as a bigger story, but along the way i got comfortable with the trial-and-error approach to just coming up with new developments and short stories that have been an enormous source of fun, but also supremely confusing. I've also done a ton of journals VERY MUCH LIKE THIS ONE going on about how i have a "master plan" (you may now LOL heartily) and will TOTALLY bring all this together, with about the same level of assurance that the Book of Revelation and Ragnarok will occur simultaneously in the next few seconds. It's easy to refer to "master plans" when you're stupid and are just coasting on noncommittal artistic farting around.

Well! The latest "continuity" developments and support for "getting my ass in gear" (as well as me noticing i actually have a gray hair or two in my beard and have become acutely aware of my own mortality) have caused me to meander into "put up or shut up" territory, and...oh, right, we were talking about...


I'm going to break away from deviantART. Not completely. DeviantART has been extremely kind to me in all my time here, and i've met and interacted with so many great people, and my artwork has grown here in so many ways (cue the sentimental violin music, boys). For it was here that my characters reached their widest audience. It was here that I developed new ideas and gained new understanding of them. It was here that i learned to interact with people in a way that didn't make me worry about my appearance or tendency to giggle childishly. It was here that we fought against the British and gained our independence. Here that we gained a new understanding and respect for life itself. Here that the world as a whole took a good, long look at ourselves, and...oh, for...


There are a few loose ends here in my gallery. Commissions, of course (don't worry, i haven't forgotten), Hector's date, Gogo and Andy's "talk", and the current story arc (which dovetails with "the talk", so two birds with one stone, like). These are on deck as principle items to be completed, and in their way comprise a sort of "end" to the dA continuity of Bomango. The current arc of "Halcyon Boy" and "Little Lion Man" and the subsequent comics do put something of a finish on things. If that's a little sad, well, it is, a bit. (Also: you CARE! awwww?!) But, as implied in one of those paragraphs above, I believe it's "put up or shut up" time, and "putting up" means making a serious go of it.

Longtime viewers will know, there is a HELL of a lot of holes (or simply unexplained/unexplored gaps) in Bomango's continuity, by nature of it being a parceled-out artillery test of a comic. There have been longstanding themes I've had in mind, crystallized a time or two, as seen here:

Anyway. To date, my gallery has been a good way to introduce these characters, their personalities, and some fun stories. I've had TONS of fun doing this, and knowing how my brain works, i'll continue to do this. (I have a healthy bank of fart jokes AT THE READY, man).  But as fun as short stories and one-offs are (God, you've read this before, but seriously now) it's well past time I got the whole thing down. And that means telling a story. About Gogo, and Andy, about where this girl comes from, about mothers and fathers, about fart jokes, and the mayhem that ensues, in a story that, well, tells a complete story.

Bomango is going to be a webcomic, properly, after a little mopping up around here at good ol' devIanTarT. That's the plan. Whether or not that amounts to being Patreon-supported in the near future or at the official launch is to be determined. But I'm going to put a little bow on the dEviaNtaRt continuity soon, and blaze a new trail back to square one with a fresh continuity after that. I've struggled a bit with that. A lot has been built up in my time here; why not go on as is and fill in the gaps as necessary? It's taken this long to get this far, why turn back time? Well, I do feel that would be a cheat, if i'd already covered that ground. BUT. There is a lot of early ground that hasn't been covered. There's a lot that's been set up that needs to get ignited. There's a huge amount of story to be told with characters I've grown to love, and taking a stab at that is so worth it to me, I believe there'll be something in it for even longtime viewers too.

This will take boatloads of work, and won't be instantaneous. Which is why I've hesitated to pull the trigger on Patreon. Certainly, I could do comics here like i've always done, and just ask for money. Some folks might support that. I could set up a mirror site in the meantime, post new short content, and ask for donation support of that. But what I ultimately want to do is make an ongoing series, post it for you to read, and compile it into book form for you to keep. Whether or not that means helping me along the way via Patreon, or kicking in towards a finished book via Kickstarter or the like, that remains to be seen. Certainly, healthy support via Patreon would get me out of my day job and working at comics harder, I'm not going to lie, but this is something I'm going to do if it takes months or years. I've simply come too far to not see it through.

If this has been a TL:DR post, I'll break it down easy:

Finish devIANTart loose ends
Generate new story content for website
PROFIT. (um, maybe.)

And if you'd like the secondary gist of this journal...well, how nuts is this? Would an "Andy meets Gogo" storyline that flows into a bigger comic be immaterial to you? Would going bigger with this stuff be a cynical devaluation of a cherished American icon? Would the eventual heat death of the universe cause you to question the very idea of supporting something as ultimately inconsequential as an aspiring webcomic? Would you be reading this journal entry on a schizophrenically art-oriented website up to this very sentence if you gave nary a crap for this?

And you think Green Bay has a shot in the playoffs this year? I mean, Detroit is a force to be reckoned with, certainly. With Chicago taking the Cutlery to its own feet and Minnesota running around like a chicken at MeatCleaverCon, there's only two teams atop the NFC North for the year of our Lord 2014, and one of those teams has consistently shat the bed for better than half a century, which means it's high time for the curse of Bobby Layne to run its unholy course, but if the Packer defense continues its bizarrely effective drunken master scheme, it...


Um, anyway, your...thoughts?

little lion man by VanHeist
little lion man
a followup to the (startlingly popular) "Halcyon Boy": halcyon boy by VanHeist

So, no, it wasn't ALLLL JUST A DREEEEAM, but Andy's still making it complicated for himself. Andy joins me and a million other people in the ranks of those who can't do anything spontaneously without scrutinizing it with an agonized conscience afterwards. ("WHY OH WHY DID I GIVE THAT STRANGER SUCH A WARM AND FRIENDLY GREETING?!? I bet they think i'm a FREAK OH GOD...")

Of course this is kind of new territory for the little guy. It's to be expected to have misgivings.

What's that smell? It smells like...emotional vulnerability!

Gogo picks up the scent and closes in.

dun dun dunnn.


Enjoy. Oh, and as a side note, thanks a TON for the immense amount of feedback on the latest journal and the last comic. I haven't been hit with that many messages in a long time, but tons of positive vibes and very helpful input regarding crowdfunding options and moving forward artistically. I haven't been able to respond to everything but i'm super grateful for all the insight and support. Once I've established a clear set of goals and a working timeline, I'll put forth more information.

In the immediate sense, though, I need to take a short break from answering messages and get back to commissions and such. I just wanted to post this to keep things a bit current and say hi. (Hi!)

Okay, bye for a little bit. :salute:
  • Listening to: Gaelic Storm - Beggarman
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I'm at a bit of a crossroads.

Let me give a little bit of explanation here.

I've done a fair amount of professional comic work. It's almost entirely by accident, which I realize is kind of a blessed situation, but happily, the one constant in my life as a "professional" has been a weird character I happened upon many moons ago: Gogo.

Which is awesome. I cannot lie. Gogo and the whole "Bomango" canon (such as it is) has been my sushi perfection (see: Jiro) for many these past years. I don't want to change the world; I just want to make a delicious dish. Some might see this as an obsession, some might see it as a sickness, even, others might not even care (why are you reading this, then? The world is on FIRE! Put your passions to that!) But for my part, I have come to terms with the idea that I'm a cook whose entree has attracted a few aesthetic stomachs. There are more and better artists out there with haute cuisine, but this sushi needs development.

Here is my life: I work 40-60 hours a week doing a job that I do not like. I work in a warehouse lugging groceries. This is a job that nobody likes, but a job that you eventually come to grips with and can retire on with moderate comfort. On the plus side, it keeps me in shape to do a physical job. I'm lucky to have such security. It gave me an apartment, a car, and what every job ought to: a means to keep going.

But here's the thing: i hate it. I'm never happier than I am on weekends or in the short time between shifts when I can just draw. I use all my sick days and call-ins to get back home to write and draw. (Well, I used one or two to go up north and swim/fish with the family this summer...worth it!) Certainly, my main focus is making stories and silly comics about Gogo and Andy and what-have-you. But I'm also obligated to work to clients and also commissioners. In between these things, I keep myself afloat artistically by trying to advance my own works. But there is only so much time in the week, and while I love and appreciate every ounce of support I've gotten here on deviantart--seriously, it's been a deciding factor between comics and just cashing in and being a working stiff--I'm genuinely at a place right now where I need to make room for doing what I love and what I'm good at. I want to make this sushi great, but I simply can't afford it.

This sounds like a sob story. My life is actually okay, don't worry.

If you've read this far, the cut of my jib here is exploring ways to keep me here, in front of my desk, and drawing. That means time to do commissions, time to work on making Bomango the delicious sushi it ought to be, just generally time to do all the art I want to/need to do.

I've done a lot for free, and by no means do i wish to hold myself back just for the sake of money. Times are hard for everyone, I understand that as well as anybody, but as I sit here on the cusp of launching a new website home for a new iteration of Bomango as well as trimming back the hours I work lugging boxes of food, I just want to get a feel for the possible options ahead. If I started a Patreon account, for example, would anyone wish to donate?

I'm simply in need of making time to work on what I really love to do. I just want to know what I can do apart from commissions to keep myself here, at my desk, and doing what i love to do more often.

thanks :salute:
Hallowed Hams by VanHeist

It's that time of year again, so here are a couple Halloween re-postings courtesy of :iconbard71: and the Bomango gang to get you into the spirit of things. There's a boatload of new content ahead, but unfortunately that list didn't include fresh Halloween stuff this year (to my sincere lasting regret -.-). Just the same, please enjoy these classic clips, which will remind you to...

1) Pick a costume that grabs folks' attention:

2) Never underestimate the power of ghostly Hams:

3) And finally, don't mess with the stash:

Happy Hallerween by VanHeist
here i come by VanHeist

be safe out there :salute:


rob ten pas
United States
Current Residence: se WI
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Life is full of changes.  Best part is that you never really know what is coming next.  Often the change is a better condition than you ever anticipated!  Best wishes on your new endeavour, and remember, you still have lots of friendly support, even when things seem, er, quirky!
Wolfdrums19 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Like your work and the characters, especially Gogo; she's got a loveable charm to her to where despite being a tempermental she-hulk I can't help but like her and the odd humor that usually follows with her personality!
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And because of The Rydering I had to go watch the Space Mutiny episode of MST3k. I'm not complaining, mind.
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Really enjoy your Gogo stories and looking forward to seeing more of your work. 
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Great gallery man! nice to meet you :iconmonkeythumbplz:
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VanHeist, have you ever thought of making comic books with stories from gogo, and sell them? and i mean real comic books, volumes, alot of pages, for the fun!
VanHeist Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014
I've thought of that very much. In fact, I'll hopefully be doing that as my main work in the near future. I won't stop with the occasional short comics to deviantart (time permitting), but i've been working on making a bigger story out of "Bomango" for a long time, and it's long overdue that I started doing that seriously. Once I've completed a few commissions and the current little comic story, it's time for something new with Gogo and the gang :)
LamangoKaijura Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014
So actual paper back comics, or a webcomic? I'm confused.
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